Sunday, July 1, 2012

God's Not Just a Myth

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

-Genesis 1:1

                Many people in today’s society deny the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. They say he doesn’t exist and one atheist told me that the only reason Christians believe in God is because they are weak and need something to have hope in. We are not completely independent, we need God. That must make us weak. I don’t think so. I think it makes us stronger to come to terms that there is something greater than us. The complexity of the design of man, the Earth, and the solar system point to intelligent design. Creation.  Not evolution. How is it that Earth is the only planet that can sustain life? And if we came from monkeys then how come there are still monkeys swinging in the trees? And if we came from fish then does that mean we are eating out third cousin whenever we eat a tuna sandwich? How come humans have not changed much over thousands of years besides not needing our appendix and spleen and such? How are we the most intelligent creation on this earth!?!? My God, OUR God is not a myth. He is real and lives in each and every one of us if we allow Him to. 

                If God was not real and the Bible was a fiction story then how could hundreds of prophesies come true and continue to come true? An atheist might try to bring up the prophesies that did not come true but how can they ignore the ones that did? We are going through so many of the birth pains of the Rapture and Tribulation that will lead to the end of the earth that we know.

“I have revealed and saved and proclaimed- I, and not
some foreign god among you. You are my
witnesses- declares the Lord- that I am God.”

-Isaiah 43:12

                He says it right in the bible! There will be people who refuse to accept the Lord so He brings up the point that He was the one who prophesied all that happened. How? Because He is the one who plans all things from the beginning to the end! Matthew 24:4-32 describes a few of the signs of the end of age.

-          false prophets
-          wars and rumors of war
-          famines
-          earthquakes
-          “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me…the love of most will grow cold.” – Matthew 24:9-12
-          the image of the antichrist will appear in the most holy place (the Middle East) This hasn’t happened yet but it will soon occur.
                We have seen so many false prophets declaring when the end of the world will happen. Right now they are saying the world will end in December. However, they are false because the bible states in various places that no one, I repeat no one, will know when the Son of Man will come (Just a little side note, Jesus is called the Firstborn of the dead in Revelation 1:5 because our spirits were once dead and he was the first to be spiritually born. He was the ultimate sacrifice that we needed to be able to obtain life in Heaven.). There has been an increase of wars in the past few centuries. There are many countries that are what we know as third-world that has thousands of children who have no food for weeks. In the past year or so there has been an increase in earthquakes. Christians are more hated now than ever. Sure, you can say that there have always been earthquakes and Christians have always been hated. But all I can say is EXACTLY! The birth pains don’t all happen at once! They gradually grow closer and closer together and that’s exactly what’s happening. So don’t try to deny the fact that the Bible is right and prophesied many things that are coming true. In Revelation it talks about the earth being consumed by fire before the Rapture. There are so many wildfires around the United States and around the world.
                The bible even describes how the people will act in 2 Timothy Chapter 3.

-          people will love themselves
-          be lovers of money
-          boastful
-          proud
-          abusive
-          disobedient
-          ungrateful
-          unholy
-          unloving
-          unforgiving
-          slanders
-          no self-control
-          treacherous
-          conceited

                Have you been paying attention to people around you? All they want is money, money, and more money. Look at the politicians and Fortune 500 companies. Everyone is always so proud and boastful about what they have and what they’ve done, always competing with friends, family, and neighbors to see who can have the best stuff. Otherwise known as “keeping up with the Joneses”. People are abusive not only to the people around them but all to substances like drugs and alcohol. The children disobey their parents and people who don’t have Christ as their savior disobey the Maker and Creator of heaven and earth. They are ungrateful for what little they have and don’t read the bible or live it out. They show no love to their fellow human being, laughing at the disabled and telling the homeless man to go get a job instead of standing on the corner. They don’t know if he already tried getting a job. They don’t forgive anyone either. In my own life, my grandmother cannot find it in her heart to forgive my father for stating facts. They give in to their earthly desires so easily, living dangerous lives joining gangs and walking the streets selling their bodies. 

                Some will say that the bible states that Jesus will save His people, the Jews, because of His crucifixion. But today many of the Jews still have not converted to believe in Jesus as their savior (Romans 11:26- And so, all Israel shall be saved.)This prophesy is not false though. Not all Jews will be saved. Paul, in his writing to the Romans said, “Though the number of the sons of Israel be as the sands of the sea, it is the remnant that will be saved, for the Lord will execute His word upon the earth, thoroughly and quickly.” (Romans 9:27-28). Now mind you, there is no idea of time in Heaven. Everything happens in its right time. There is no blanket of salvation for the Jews although Jesus, on the cross, said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The only way they would have been saved is if they accepted Jesus as their final sin sacrifice. John 14:6 says, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” How can someone believe in God but not Jesus? Jesus was God’s creation as the final sacrifice we needed. Zechariah 9:9 says that upon the coming of the King of Kings, Israel shall never fall again. This is a future prophesy! Not a prophesy that should have already happened. For only 4 of the 7 biblical feasts have been completed.
                What are the 7 biblical feasts you ask?

-          Passover: This feast celebrates the deliverance of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. The Passover Lamb’s blood is applied to the doorsteps of their houses. Jesus became that Passover Lamb when he was crucified on the cross willingly to become our redemption.
-          Unleavened Bread: This is a seven day period that prohibits the eating of leavened bread as leaven is a symbol of sin. Jesus fulfilled this when he was buried and became our righteousness.
-          Firstfriuts: This feast celebrates the bringing of the firstfruits of the winter harvest to the Temple indicating there would be more to come. This feast was fulfilled when Jesus rose from the dead to be presented to God as the first of the harvest. (1 Corinthians 15:20-23.
-          Feast of Weeks: Known as Pentecost, this feast shows anticipation and desire of serving God. This feast was fulfilled when the Holy Spirit entered the disciples of Jesus in the Temple. It represents the beginning of Christ’s followers on earth, being set apart as holy.
-          Rosh Hashanah
-          Yom Kippur
-          Feast of Tabernacles

                Look at the battle between Isaac and Ishmael. It started in biblical times and the battle between the Arabs and Israelis is still going on! And the "end" as we know could NOT have happened before one of the major prophecies came true. It happened on May 14, 1948 - when the world briefly felt sorry for the Jews and returned Israel to them - The Jews became a nation again in ONE DAY, just as predicted in the Old Testament. Furthermore, the Old Testament prophesied that when the Jews again owned Israel, the Land would arise from a barren desert into a prosperous land. Which it did! Before that (please check history books) it was nothing but a desert, good for absolutely NOTHING. Even the Arabs didn't want it. But, suddenly, when the Jews entered back into the picture, BAM! The Six Day War! And who won? The way-outnumbered Jews! Why? Because God kept His promise! Israel is coming up with many technological advances and is one of the top ten profitable countries. 

                The Bible is not a science book, yet it is scientifically accurate. All the other stuff about the Big Bang is not science. It is someone’s own belief that has spread to others. Ask yourself this concerning the world around us: Why is it that the earth is made up of mostly water and that it is critical for our very survival. Explain why trees remain intact as something we can use for fire, shelter, build houses, and make paper? Why do atoms stay together? Why is there just enough gravity on earth to keep us from being squashed like bugs or floating into space? How can this be just "coincidence"? For more of science and the bible:
                Some atheists choose to come up with the fact that Luke and Matthew have 2 genealogies that differ with certain names. The careful Bible student is likely to conclude that Matthew and Luke present two different genealogies. Following through the genealogies, one will notice that there are some names which are common to both, but also, a great number of differences. Matthew begins at the patriarch Abraham, and works his way to Jesus the Messiah. Luke begins at Jesus, and works his way back to Adam. There are two genealogies, with two distinct purposes. Matthew, it appears reveals the genealogy of Joseph, and Luke, presents the genealogy of Mary. Although Mary was a virgin Joseph was still considered Jesus’ father. His lineage proved Jesus’ right to be the Messiah because of the royalty in the genealogy. The genealogy shows Christ’s humanity.
                If God is real then the bible is real. Therefore, Christ is the Messiah and Savior of mankind, not sent to judge but to save mankind from eternal damnation. Nobody can force anybody to believe in God or the Bible. In reality, the existence of God cannot be proven or disproved absolutely. If you cannot come to terms that God is real than the only way to find out that God really exists is to die. But you can’t say that “you didn’t know”. That won’t save you from his wrath and judgment.


  1. I love how boldly you speak about God! I know so many people who need Him, but no matter how much truth I speak to them, they just don't seem to get it. God is real and the Bible is truth!
    By the way, I love that song!!!

    1. Thank you! Stay firm in the Lord, don't lose faith. For He says, Everyone will hear the word but not everyone will believe in it. Only when they stand before His throne will they finally believe but it will be to late to be saved. Just continue to plant seeds, and someday along the line, they will have been watered enough by others to finally grow and join us in the harvest. For one person sows the seed and others water.

      And I love that song too! Sometimes I listen to it on repeat :)

      God Bless and I hope you stay encouraged to share your faith.