Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Understanding the Book of Revelation: The Scroll and the Lamb

The Scroll

             Chapter 5 is the same scene as Chapter 4 except now Jesus has ascended here. In Revelation 5:1, the scroll mentioned is the new covenant and the seven seals are the contents of Revelation. The seven seals are what allow the new covenant to form. Here, Christ is referred to as a lion and “The Root of David”. As a lion, Christ is a strong fighter against the enemy, as prophesied in Genesis 49:8-9. as the Root of David he is the source of David. David, although a forefather of Christ, still called him “Lord” (Matthew 22:42-45). No one in the heavens or earth is capable of opening the seals except for Jesus. As the Redeeming Lamb he took away the sin of fallen man, allowing the fulfillment of God’s will; therefore, he’s able to open the seals.


The Lamb

                The Lamb who looks as though He was slain is Jesus. As the Lamb He is our redeemer, not a fighter. That is why He appears as the Lamb. For He did not fight us, He fought FOR us. In saying that He had just been slain indicates that this scene is right after Christ’s accession. He has not yet taken His seat at the right hand of God (Hebrews 1:3, 10:12). He has seven horns because horns signify strength in fighting (Deuteronomy 33:17) and He was the fighting Redeemer; He has completed His fighting so that is why there is seven horns; God move is complete. We are also told that He has seven eyes. Eyes are for searching and observing. Christ has these eyes to execute God’s judgment upon the universe to fulfill God’s eternal purpose. 
                The angelic elders are ministering to God by bringing forth the saint’s prayers and the incense Christ being added to these prayers. He was the only one who could pay for the sins of mankind. His bloodshed is what allows Him to be the only one to open the seals.  The angels and the creatures will forever sing praises to Lord.

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