Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homeless and Hungry

                We see them standing at street corners with cardboard signs, clothes that are torn and 3 sizes too big, and faces that haven’t been shaved in months. To introduce my next few topics I am choosing to point out the increase in unemployment and numbers of homeless people lining the streets. Why is our nation like this? We can't blame it ALL on the government. Sometimes it's because of those people themselves and what's in their hearts. Some homeless people are at that point because God wants to draw them closer to Him or use them to witness to others. How many people have you seen with signs that say God Bless You on the bottom! One woman, without even knowing my faith in Christ, said to me, “You just did what Jesus would do.” Others are brought there because of their failure to recognize God and repent of their sins. And then there are the homeless people who are actually people who were once well off, with faith in Christ, living a decent life with a family of their own. But instead, because of failure to recognize the Lord and thanking God for where they are, they are forced into a life of spending hours on their feet and rummaging through dumpsters looking for food. Their children don’t receive proper education or health care. Their pride is gone and they are made humble, just like Jesus made the Israelis when they were in the wilderness for forty years (Deuteronomy 8). They risk disease, dehydration, and starvation. 

              Have you ever truly looked into their eyes? There’s a look of defeat and pain, fear and sadness. And then when you approach them, there’s hope. There’s gratefulness. Some come to realize that God is putting us in their path to help them have a source of food and water (Matthew 6:24-34 states that he will provide us with all our food and clothes that we need if we have faith). That's what we need to do. Don't turn our backs to them but rather put ourselves in their shoes and do what we would want others to do for us. Sometimes it might be hard for us to give them money or buy them a meal, but remember, a giving person receives many blessings. However, I realize we cannot give everything we have if it means our survival. But remember, during the winter you can give a winter hat, a sweater, or a coat, maybe even a pair or shoes you don't wear much. During the summer you can give them water and even a bottle of sunscreen. Whatever is in your heart to give. But most importantly, give yourself unto the Lord so that you can be a light to these people. Give them a hope in the Lord.



  1. I love when you said to 'give yourself to the Lord so that you can be a Light . . .'. Only concentration on Him can give the strength and endurance we need to give as we ought. It is so easy to become discouraged by the enormity of need when we take our eyes off Jesus Christ.

    1. Thank you! And yes, when I was younger I would lose focus on the Lord and it would make me very weak. God bless you!